I already have a blog. In french. If you understand french, feel free to take a peak www.ambrozya.blogspot.com

That being said. Why another blog on wordpress? Actually I wanted to try it for a while. And maybe I’m getting slow with the passing of years but I find it less intuitive and easy to use than blogspot. Anyway…

I wanted to create an english blog, since I write in english too. I could have mixed the two languages in one, but I decided to be at peace with my personality disorder. I don’t write in the same “genre” in english.

In french : I just complete a YA book, very emotional and intense.
In english : I write fantasy, erotic and somehow dark stuff.

I stopped trying to figure out how my brain was working many centuries ago. So don’t try, you might get lost between 2 synapses.
Not as if getting lost into a new world would be a bad thing…

So, this try out blog will go on for a month as I get through Nano 2011. This year I will go for it in english and lurk on the side of Dark fantasy. Not quite sure that is how we call it but it’s close. I might rethink that during the process.

I am almost complete with my nano preparation and I’ll post a short synopsis during the week.

So this is it. I know it’s not grand literature for a first. Let’s call it a test, ok? I am keeping all my words for november 1st.

With great respect!

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