An idea comes around like perfume scent when you walk on the street. Oftenly ephemeral, but in a second it can trigger an ocean of memories, images and emotions. Preparing for NaNoWriMo has been like chasing for the kind of fragrance that would create a storm in my mind and explode my heart in millions of particles.

Many promising scents came around, like a few blind dates that lead nowhere. Each time I would just stay still, letting the idea finding its way into my psyche. Watching to which depth it would go and what it would reveal. Finally it came, like the smell of mommy’s homemade cookies and hot cocoa, when you come home after playing in the snow. You just want to rush and eat them all, under the loving and warm smile of your mother. And that smell you would never forget…

An idea came along and in an instant I was brought in an whole new world. It stirred up long lost memories of nights, sitting next to my dad while he told me stories of monsters, witches, dragons and impossible challenges. It revealed a deep longing to go back to that time when it was easy to trust, when my dad’s smile would just make all the monsters disappear.

A week ago I thought that I would go for a mystery or a thriller, as I dream profoundly to become the next Agatha Christie. But as the week past, I was drawn to dark fantasy. Maybe a feeling of wanting to escape from reality and dwell in a completely created world where the sun could be dark violet and cats could talk.

So I finally sat down tonight and scribbled down some ideas, that became an outline revealing new aspects of the first scent, like perfume that seems to change and deepen has the hours pass by.

Here is the general plot for your eyes only. We’ll see where it leads us through out the month of november : a Channel or a rotten dead rat in the dumpster. (O and please don’t tell if it starts smelling fish…! I need a few illusion to keep me going in life.)

Mysterious ways (working title)

When she set foot on the earth, emerging from the sea, all living creatures could feel the cold bite of fear. She had the power to make animals speak and turn men into pigs. Centuries ago she had cursed the country, allowing her to take a young soul every 7 years to create an army that soon, she thought, would roam the earth and rule it, like she ruled the deep sea. One year, on her way to claim her due, a man stood in her way. The arrogant Count Harold Ferrigtan, the new master of Beandrion. Describing the myth of this curse has “”stories for the naive””, the young Lord had decided to abolish the cult of Oceana has soon as he became the ruler. Most importantly, he banned the practice of sacrificing a young girl to the wrath of the ocean to keep is country safe from destruction. Elders tried to warn him, to no avail; he would not listen. Not even to his dear uncle Clad, who raised suspicion about the young maiden that quietly arrived from a distant country, on a stormy night. He could see she was a witch, of some sort, that would bring deception in his nephew’s heart and maybe worst. But he was far from the truth. Her arrival coincided with the first fight between Harold and his best friend, Charles Sorringon. Would Harold have challenged the Dark Lady, knowing what was at stake?

Let the fun begin!!

With great respect!


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