I just can’t believe that I’ve been writing for three days. There was a crunch of activities this week and I’ve been coming back home at night completely exhausted.

But writing brings me a sense of peace that I don’t find in any other activities I do. The tiredness just vanishes and the words are adding up one after the other. I love the story I’m working on. Some parts of the first 5000 words sounds cheezy. But that is all in the world of  “I think that I need a little romance.” It’s missing in my life.

About writing in english. It is truly a challenge. My worst enemy is doubt. “Is it a word in english?”. “That sounds so wrong.” And I have been running to google translate more than my share in the past days, to find that most of the time, it was the right word. There is something that gets me out of my comfort zone and that gives a new twist to the flow of inspiration.

I can’t wait for the week-end to get a little edge on word count so I don’t get behind for the second week.

Word count after 3 days : 5511

With great respect!


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