It’s happening. I am getting behind on NaNoWrimo!

And I have a pretty good excuse! Yes, yes… which is…well it depends on what day we are talking about. I worked all week-end. Basically, Sunday night when I came home, I couldn’t even stand to be in front of the computer. So I skipped. But no worries, I came back to writing at lunch today.

Tonight I came home late and I am heading to bed… No worries! I will have a 3 day week-end. And I don’t work on Wednesday and Thursday night this week. I will get back to it quickly because the story continues to unfold inside and it creates a pressure when it’s time to write. I don’t type fast enough…

Getting behind… I feel more human. Really. I started a week ago with my “I’ll manage everything” looking good attitude. Good thing that was broke very fast because I would not have been able to maintain that, without causing a tremendous amount of stress. All I need to do now is to relax and create a more “human” schedule for writing. (And get enough sleep!)

I’m sure that veteran Nanowrimers could create a map of the process we get through during November. What goes on during the first week; two or three things that might happen during the second week and so on. So I am in the middle of it and I am not panicking… not yet.

So honeys! It is fun to watch everybody going through the process and sharing their word count! And I’m sure I can hear your words of encouragements towards me.

For your eyes only, a sentence that came up during the short writing session today: The sun was quietly setting, leaving a bloody trace in an already dark sky. 

With great respect!



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