That’s what its going take to complete the challenge. I am 14200/50k

Less than 7 days left.

I am way over excuses. I didn’t write. End of the matter. No stories.

I knew when I started that it would be completely crazy. I needed the challenge. I wanted to be part of it. I had to keep the dream alive.

Writing. Each word being like a deep breath. So for the next 7 days I will breath very deeply to pull out the 36k words I need to complete NaNoWriMo. I love that kind of math. You know, like : Sally has 4 oranges. Sue has 5 apples. Mark steals 1 fruit to each girl. How many fruits are left? A fruit salad!

So if I apply the concept to NaNoWriMo, I need to make around 5,115$ each day to win the game. Yes it is more inspiring if I put a money sign next to it. It creates an image for my brain that relates to abundance. Twisted? Absolutely! What ever I need. And I’m sure someone already studied that branch of “twistedness” in neuroscience.

So honeys let’s do this. It is the last week of this NaNoNonSense. A complete madness for the lover of words in this world. Because we are not alone! And love shall prevail! I am getting excited here!

I have a treat for you. An excerpt. Yes yes! Not much editing so be polite!!

The room was already filled with many – some dancing, others eating and drinking in gold and silver plates. Charles answered silently to many marks of respect, people were showing him. Finally he got to his seat, near the empty throne. Quickly a fluttering cloud of nymphets came close to him – young ladies giggling, whispering and blushing when he started to look at them amused. His plate got filled and his glass never got empty.

Soon, he was joined by Lord Clad, who kept a stern face during the first hour, until Amber came in the room. She was amazing, wearing a gold evening gown, with embroidered diamonds; her long blond hair untied and her eyes, underlined with fine black make-up, gave them an unearthly look. A small diamond on her forehead completed the outfit. Her beauty was legendary, but since she wore only black dresses and a shawl over her head, people seemed to forget it. Or was it her, casting a disappearing spell so she would go about her business unoticed? But at that moment, no human could be untouched by her beauty. Radiant like the sun, it seemed that the goddess was walking amongst them.

Clad took her hand. “Priestess, you are… so… magnificent. No song or poetry would ever match the beauty you are radiating tonight!” She bow reverently to the two man who could not take their eyes away from her. Charles was amaze at her young looks. He knew for certain that she was much older than him, but tonight she looked like a young princess that just became mature and ripe for union. He could not talk, not even smile. Amber, his second mother…

A few minutes after, it was Belinda’s moment of fame. She stood at the entrance of the main hall rejoicing on her effect. All the guest were speechless; the room was silent. Slowly, she walked around, granting a cold smile to the noble ladies, giving her hand genuinely for man to kiss.

“What an hypocrite!”, whispered Clad through his teeth. Charles nodded absently. Next to Belinda, was standing the most innocent thing he had ever seen. Belinda always went around with a few young ladies, daughters of nobles and rich merchant, used to castle life and wearing an arrogant smile all the time. But this one was different. She looked everywhere in awe, drinking with her beautiful blue eyes every thing she could set her attention on. She froze when she noticed him at the other end of the room. The pink on her cheeks was unoticeable but Charles could feel the change in the mood of the young girl. How can this pure heart follow that dry soul all around. How could he save her before her soul got tainted and the damage unchangeable?

“Charles! My dear you look… handsome as always.” Belinda presented her hand. Charles took it and with an affected voice said, “My lady, no songwriter or poet will ever find words to sing your praise on this land. That is truly a pity.” Clad and Amber sucked up a laughter. Belinda took her hand promptly and walked away, not without an angry “Silly.”

“I think you went too far Charles.” “How could anyone go too far with her, Clad? She already crossed the line too many times with me. It is just a fair return of faith.”

“Don’t take her too lightly.” The profound voice of the priestess surprised him. She never paid attention to the young lady, untouched by her petty games. “Priestess, why would you say such a thing? Don’t you think she is playing a childish game? I warned her already, but there is nothing to fear, frankly.” “Remember, it is the week of the Comet, all feelings are distorted and amplified.” Charles stayed silent, somehow he could understand what she meant. He could feel an invisible threat but was unable to capture its source. For now, he just wanted to dive in the pure perfume of this innocent beauty, following the dragon everywhere. The night was young and he didn’t need to hurry. She would come to him.

With great respect and love!


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