Happy New Year!

I wish you a year filled with wonder always and in all ways. Create what you want and call it so the universe can hear it clearly. May you manifest, in everything you do, the light that glows within you. Take each moment and craft it to uncover the beauty, love, happiness and peace that exist in it. I love you all!

To be complete with 2011. In the area of writing last year was the completion of many years of work on a YA novel. I finally wrote THE END in a moment of intense joy. The editing part is not complete but will be by the end of january. Also in 2011, I unlocked many knots in my heart and it had a direct impact on my creativity. I’ve always wanted to write a mystery and I started to outline one.

So what’s up for the coming year? Find an editor for my book.

My promise to the world for 2012 : Love is present every time I meet someone. People feel acknowledged and heard.

An insight for 2012 : This 6 degrees of separation thing amazes me a lot since I heard about it the first. Like we are separated from each other by only 6 other persons or less. Like I know someone who knows someone who knows you. Every time I read or hear about it, people state that they are very close to a movie star or some kind of celebrities. what if I look at it from another point of view. I am at 6 degrees of women in Mali creating a shea butter cooperative; I am at 6 degrees of separation of kids learning to read in the YMCA in Haïti. Actually, with those examples I am at 2 degrees. I am very priviledge to be surrounded by people giving their time and profound love to make this world a safe place for everyone. For 2012 I want to honor those people for the light they are.

Happy New Year!

With great respect and love!


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