The best and the worst to buddy with for the NaNoWrimo is my daughter!

The Best : I am thrilled that she wants to play the game and partner with me for some writing fun. She is funny, creative, witty and all energy and fire. We are gonna have so much fun! She’s the one who gave me the most valuable comments on other stories that I’ve wrote. And knowing me, I can respect her for being authentique about what she thinks, cause I listen but most of the time I don’t. We have learned to work together and trust each other.

The Worst : When things don’t go her way, she just complains forever… And it sounds like her whole life is down the drain.

Ok now that I got that out of my system…

Doing NaNoWriMo is the most exciting thing I can do at this time, and doing it with my daughter sounds exquisite. Sometimes we do little writing games and we have a blast together. I look forward to do plenty of that in November with her.

So will see how we can partner to get through the month together. Me with my work, my sick dad and a leadership training I’m doing and her who just started University and has already a lot on her plate. I think foolishiness is something we share. Mother and daughter.

NaNoWriMo I feel you!

With great respect and love!



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