Today I was present to the profound commitment I have for the well-being of the people I love, admire, work with, share interests or just past by on the street.

Yes! Even those strangers that I will most likely never speak too. I smile. I send blessings and good thoughts towards them. I may not do that all the time, but I have been practicing. Praticing to be a person with whom you feel safe and comfortable to be and share yourself freely.

Today I feel grateful because I am surrounded by people I can trust with my own life and they know that they can trust me the same. I am surrounded by people committed to a world that works for anyone and that, is expressed in many ways. For some, a better world, means great relationships. For others, it’s an educational system that works for all children and for others it will be families are united. But whatever is their natural expression of it, I can count on them to fullfil on what they are up to.

Tonight I had a moment of doubt. I caught myself being afraid to tell people that I want them to be happy. That whatever they think about themselves, whatever happened in their lives, I would always keep the light open in the middle of the dark, so they can see where they step.

Under all and any cicumstances, I will be there for YOU. We may never meet but I want you to know that I love you.

With great respect and love!


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