I don’t know where it will stop. Sometimes I just get so enthusiastic about my life that I will take on anything. I just don’t want to wait for tomorrow. Just in case…

So talking of November, already jammed up with that leadership training (it’s 7 months long so I can’t stop doing anything else, ya know!) and doing NaNoWriMo, I just found myself registering for a 7 days rawfood cure starting on november 4 (I need this people, believe me!)

So the point is not will I achieve any of this or accomplish anything just by being enthusiast and willing? Yes, No, Maybe.  I know it will take action, dedication, commitment and yes, willingness to stretch myself beyond what I know I can be and what I know I can accomplish. And it’s a real big deal for me, because I start a lot of personal projects, but I never bring them to the finish line. Like my YA book. It is done, still a few hours of editing but it’s been complete for a year now and I am still at the same place.

So what is really important for me right now? My health, my writing and my commitment to the world. Not in a particular order and it does not exclude, my children, my family, my job and the cat. But for now, those three are very high up on the list of priorities. Now that it’s clear what is important, I ask myself: who am my being in regards of those three things. First answer to come to mind is LAZY. YES my beautiful ones, I am lazy and if I could I would stay in my robe all day watching tv and play video games (guess what I’m doing when I have a bit of free time!!)

So now that I know this for a fact, that I have many evidence of it, I can start to work on something. I know exactly what comes to my mind and what I give into when I’m not in action about what is important. I don’t think I’m good enough or worthwhile or or or or. But who cares? If it inspires me to do it, why not give it a shot and learn through the process and expand as a human being?

What can I create instead of I’m not good enough?

What kind of being would be inspired to take care of his/her health and develop himself/herself in being a better person and follow his/her dreams? Wow, just saying it moves me. I’ll just sit with the question…

What kind of being does it takes?

With great respect and love!


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