Sorry, what did you say?

At first, I thought I didn’t understand the question.That is the most amazing question I ever heard! Why? Because I am a nut case when it comes to acknowledgement. Now I know how to behave. I smile and say thank you. That is improvement, because before I would just avoid any kind of acknowledgement. Why? Because I wanted it so badly that, I didn’t get any satisfaction when I got it. Only because people didn’t really say what I wanted to be acknowledged for. Isn’t it wild?

Why do I just smile and say thank you, what ever my inner state is? ONly because at some point I got that it made people happy. And I can understand that because it made me happy as well to do so with someone. So I thought that it was a way to give back, to just get the acknowledgement, because it took something from the person to say it in the first place.

So that is my easy way out. Except that I still crave for that “particular” acknowledgement. The one that will touch the core of my being.

And that was the question. That simple question moved me to tears. In an instant I became so present to the generosity and the caring of the other person, that there was nothing to be acknowledge in the moment. Except the deep recognition of the oneness between human beings. And no words are required for that.

I finally answered. And the person acknowledged me. And in my smile and the thank you I gave afterwards, there was all the love I could feel, present in that instant. No more fake or turmoil, only deep gratitude.

And you, what do you want to be acknowledged for?

With great respect and love!

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