Have you ever notice that writers can make you believe anything? You open a book and you are right there, in the moment with people you’ll never meet because they don’t exist. But yet, you can become so intimate, so emotionally involved with them that, somewhere in your mind, you believe they are true.

It’s because of the willingness of the writer – the willingness to go beyond the fear. It happens in a moment – a second you don’t believe that anymore ideas and words will come out of your head – all you can think is nonsense and the second right after, you let go of the resistance and you trust the process. And then some words come out, and more and more… At one point, doubt comes lurking again in the back of your mind. Again and again you let go… you become nothing, an empty space from which anything can be created.

It takes something from the heart, mind and soul. At the beginning you know that in the end you’ll never be the same. And that’s where creativity is grounded. Right there, in the always standing on the edge, going through the transformation and in the end, being totally free.

It’s that surrender behind the creative process that allows the connection between writer and reader. It’s in that space, where anything becomes possible that the reader can start to believe. Behind the words, the willingness, the surrender, the freedom, the accomplishment of the creator is present and touches the reader.

We may like or dislike (or something in between) the story. But all readers intrinsically respect the writer. Because they know that deep down it takes courage to write the first word and to follow through.

NaNoWriMo starts in about 13 hours. Every minute or so, I let go of the anxiety, the fear of loosing the magic. I breath through the excitement of discovering a new world, new people, new voices.

And I just prepare myself to surrender… again and again.

With great respect!


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