Every time I complete something there are two feelings present:

1- Satisfaction: for what has been done, the process and all the discoveries about myself and what I can accomplish

2- Sadness: all the action, the storms, the creation, re-creation, giving up on first ideas, adding up new ideas, changing the course, expanding, etc., all that is gone. Complete.

Today I look at the last five days of NaNoWriMo and there is a third feeling present:

A new space to create

It never occurred to me that when I complete something, there is new space to create. It is different to complete something and then rush around to find something else or take the next opportunity, than really be aware that in this clear space, I can create what I want. It may not be the next fun opportunity to take on, but really a pure creation coming from what matters to me.

I don’t know yet what it might be.

Already some opportunities are knocking on my door; new, fun and exciting projects. But before I create something new and choose to do it. I will wait to complete the current one, to be fully present to the satisfaction for what has been accomplished. It is always important to celebrate and acknowledge what has been done, created, even though it doesn’t look like what we thought it would at the beginning.

So it’s the last sprint of NaNoWriMo. I am at 3000 words per day to complete the word count challenge. But I can rejoice already that whether I make it or not, just the fact that I shared this time with my daughter, being in the game with her, all this has been worth it.

With great respect and love!


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