DesperateYou have to know first that I am not really a fan of romance (movies or books). You can make me weep for hours with crooner’s old songs, but no books, nah, never. But this is like having been blessed by the Goddess itself.

Desperate Housewives of Olympus is a paranormal romance. That added a bit of appeal to pacify the fierce warrior-ess protecting my sanity from pinky romance (don’t know if that genre exist but you get the picture, I’m sure!)

So I started with a few pages and read some more and some more, until I found myself going through the whole book in a night and an early morning. Reading this was for me “painfully unbearable”, and I mean that in a good way! Got me out of my comfort zone and gave me a few insights about how I deal with men and feelings.

I want my Apollo or my Eros!! And the worst thing is I must have met them once or twice in my life but I was too afraid to let them come in. Saranna does a great job portraying normal and believable feelings, creating just enough drama to make us want to know more about the outcomes and adding just enough humor to make us laugh out loud at the silliness of some situations between those titan lovers. Catastrophes are not only lurking in the corner, but they are a must to make the gods believable. Let’s not forget the characters are immortals – a great metaphor for the everlasting love – and might get bored by each other before the end of time. And a few hot scenes just put the nicest touch in this epic romance.

It is beautifully written. There is a lot of freedom and intelligence in the author’s writing. The story flows with ease and it is really a great read. For my first taste of paranormal romance, I was treated like a goddess.

I am a total fan of Saranna DeWylde. She is a prolific writer and she treats her readers with utmost respect. She also just published her memoir Sweet hell on fire of the times she was a correctional officer and I cannot wait to put my hands on it.

Find the sassy and delicious Saranna DeWylde on Amazon.

Book description
A riotous romp through Olympus with goddesses for the 21st century. When a new goddess moves to Ambrosia Lane, Hera decides she’s finally had enough of her philandering husband. She offers herself and the crown of gods to Hades. Hades doesn’t want the crown, but he’ll take Hera. (Often and twice on Sunday.) He’s a heartless bastard–having had Aphrodite rip it out so he’d stop loving Persephone after he set her free. Persephone is scheming to get back to Tartarus with the aid of Thanatos, who trips on his leather trench coat and falls in love with her. Thanatos’ titan mother, Nyx thinks she’s past all the drama until she turns up pregnant. Demeter has secrets of her own and the new goddess Abstinence lands in a steaming centaur pile when she falls for the King of the Gods himself whose own dark needs could tear them apart. Come along for the ride as these goddesses take control of their Fate (or so they think) and find their Happily Ever Afters.

(I think it’s here that I say the author didn’t bribe me in writing that review and I didn’t receive any goodies for it. I would pay to do a cheerleading dance to one of her book signing if I’m invited. 😛 )

2 thoughts on “Review : Desperate Housewives of Olympus – 5 stars

  1. What a thoughtful, touching review. Thank you so much. I’m so glad my work is able to touch you on a personal level. That’s one of my favorite things about writing.

    I”m especially moved that even though you don’t care for the genre that you gave my book a chance.

    Thank you. ❤


    1. You are very welcome! ❤ It has indeed touched me on a personal level, surely deeper than I thought at first, and it touched a part of my heart that was just so resigned about me being able to be in a relationship. You are such a sweetheart! I wish you the best for the year to come!

      Thank you!


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