She then offered
Her cold feet
For me to kiss
Her beauty
Even beyond life
Pale her skin
In shades of grey
A sky threaten by a storm

Bowing to her lost glory
Found again in the dark world
My lips touched her translucent skin…

The coldness
Trapped my soul
Into unconsciousness
Life sucked in a second
My body
A lifeless bag of bones

Like many others
The shadow of her graciousness
Our voices
Never to be heard again
In the world of the living

But we live
In your shadows,
In your dreams and fears
Whispering our sad stories
The fate of so many
Trapped by our love for the cold lady

She hangs out
In crowded places
The lonely soul
Heart cuts in pieces
She hides
Behind the smiles of many faces
To rape the core
Of your willingness
For what makes you weep
In the dark hours of life

I walk the labyrinth of hell
For the inner fire
A lie from the slave merchants
Travelling between worlds
Selling their artificial utopia

I lived in a world
Where children
Are found
Lost and forgotten

Alone now
I wander between worlds
No screams of despair left
Only the echo of my own desolation
And the now fading souvenir
Of a breathtaking beauty

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