I whisper your name in cold fog
Once there was warmth in it
Once there was meaning in it

Soul wandering in desert lands
Planting seeds
Seeking ardent embrace
From hands growing in frozen soil
Fingers cut in icy wind
Spinning in the winter breeze
Tears flooding in a vain attempt
To wake lust in them again

I carve your name in my dead flesh
Once blood flown in it
Once a heart beat in it

Naked I stand above crowd rumours
Exposed to lies, wounds and cuts
Bushes of thorns growing on my path
Poisoning my heart with sharp words
In the desert land of my soul
You died on a sunny day
I now walk the arctic night

I whisper your name one last time
Once there was light in it
Once there was life in it

I erase your name in spring season
As new hands grow in my garden
Unknown sensations on glowing skin
Legs and arms whispering new names
On fresh earth growing fame
Memories fading at sunrise

To let you die once again

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