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It’s not like I have more time in April. It’s just like for NaNoWriMo, I’ll make the time. So for April, I’m taking on the Blogging from A to Z challenge.

I need fun. I need something to direct the overflow of energy. Maybe that’s it. At 40, you start to see that there is less time in front of you, so many things become urgent and important suddenly.

Funny because it was the same feeling at 20 and 30. So maybe it’s a 0 (zero) thing. We have the impression that we start again. Whatever happened before, we can restart the machine, program or counter. So writing and having fun doing it, is now urgent.

There is a letter assigned to each day of the month (except Sundays). So whatever the letter inspires us, a word, a flash of something, wherever it leads us, we write about it. Simple!

Make sure you visit during the month. Also, have fun discovering other bloggers registered in the challenge and register yourself if you want to play:

With great respect!


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