Anything to keep me alive and create myself newly everyday. April is a good month for that. Rebirth, spring, etc. So I have created for myself a few games for this month, because I love to play!

1- A to Z April challenge

That I shared a few days ago. I started a list of subjects and then I started to doubt. Who would want to read about that? That’s boring! And then I remembered that I am doing that for fun. Like anything I post in here, some will find it interesting and others not. So let’s have fun!

2- Camp NaNoWriMo

I couldn’t resist! I’ve set my goal to 30k words. This story will be written in french and I will share with you the synopsis, as soon as it’s written. And through out the month I’ll share what’s going on with that. Also, my daughter is up with me! She’s playing along!
3- 750 words a day

I love that website! 750 words Statistics, badges and fun. Can you get that I want to have fun this month? There is the monthly challenge, that I never got to achieve for multiple reasons. But I will use it to forward the new project I’ll take on in Camp NaNoWriMo. I also found that this little website is a great resource for cleaning the clutter in my mind before I  write in any WIP.

So This is it! Let’s have fun!

With great respect!


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