One of the most amazing memories of my childhood is seeing that man dance. The exerpt is from the movie Les uns et les autres (Lelouch 1981). The movie culminates with JORGE dancing on Ravel’s Bolero, right at the foot of the Effeil tower. Special treat, Geraldine Chaplin sings along.

It is pure, strong, unbearable… after about 3hrs of scenes in an occupied Paris, concentration camp, scenes of World war II, etc. the scene just blew my young mind. I still can’t listen to the Bolero without picturing that scene.

Jorge Donn, is born in El Palomar, Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 25 February 1947, was an internationally-known ballet dancer, he was best known for his work with the Maurice Béjart’s Ballet company.

J is also for JADE, my daughter. She says hello! 🙂

With great respect!



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