I stumbled on that picture today. This little girl walking with assertiveness to… Ya where is she going?

Do you remember that time when the tales felt so real that you thought you could just walk over there? How come I don’t wake up like that in the morning anymore? Assertive and clear that I can achieve anything I wish for.

When does it happen? Loosing the connection to the magic that can be created in any given moment.

If you look around, you can find many books talking about our inner power, our greatness, if only we could believe in ourselves, reconnect with our inner child, etc.

And we get fascinated by those people who just seem to be so free to express themselves and achieve great deeds. Do they know something we don’t? Actually I think that no one ever told them that there was a difference between reality and wonderland. So they just kept their connection to their inner wonderland. They grew up with it and they stayed totally free. And when you look closer, you see that they lived the same hardships, struggled with life and were hurt, but they always came out of it with more lightness and freedom.

My own view of the world shapes my experience of it. If I view everyone else as a threat… no wonder that I’m scared to meet people. If I view everyone as a world to discover, I might be in for a few great surprises, even though I know that I can be disappointed sometimes. It comes with the territory.

Being assertive with our dreams and passion creates magic around. Sharing it with other gives us all the opportunity to dream of a world worth living into, without the need to escape to a far away Lalaland…

With great respect!


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