I love art. Actually, my mind is open to any kind of art. Of course, when I don’t like it, I don’t pretend… Anyway, I won’t make a long story about that, I want to talk to you about one of my favorite artist. Tim Burton. You may know him for his movies, but I especially appreciate how he portrays the OBSCURE corners of our minds. Also, when you go through his work, you find a bunch of special characters that occurs “different” to our normal standards: The girl with many eyes, The Oyster boy, Edward Scissor’s hands and many more. Burton did many short animated movies portraying human emotions with lucidity and also he gave a voice to the lonely ones…

My favorite piece is VINCENT, narrated by Vincent Price (the gloomy voice in Thriller, by Michael Jackson). It’s the poem/story of a little boy with a vivid imagination, who identifies himself with Vincent Price, overwhelmed by his inner demons and misunderstood by his “normal” mother.

vincent tim burton

It’s one of Tim Burton’s early movies and you can already feel is future work in it. How he plays with lights and shadows revealing the drama in the young boy’s heart… simply breath-taking.

Vincent, by Tim Burton

Some people may say that Tim Burton is too dark and not for the too sensitive, but actually through all the OBSCURITY of his work there is a lot of light and love.

It’s not because you don’t draw flowers and butterflies that you can’t find beauty. In our journey as human beings sometimes we have to visit the dark corners and be with what we find, to reveal our inner light. Tim Burton gives us, through his art, an amazing access .

With great respect!

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