Capture a badgeI’ve been traveling the blogosphere this week and found myself in some very enjoyable places:

1) Profiling Great Americans: This blog is a jewel of great historic information about people easily forgotten but who were part of the great tapestry that designed north american history. Really! Go visit!

2) Rinelle Grey: Arrived there at Letter O is for Over it – a great post about editing. If you’re writing you totally get what she means…

3) Volvo Diaries: About books, writing, reading, words and life with humor. The kind of blog where you like to hang out.

4) Emilie Hardie – writing for life : Very useful thoughts, tips and tricks about writing. i never get enough of those.

5) Jessica Fortunato: Sometimes you find people who get it, simply. The post about the Phoenix won me at the first sentence.

There are a few more that I visited and I try to share some of the great post on twitter during the challenge. These one are the ones I went back a few times.

Share the love! With great respect!


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