Where is she gone?? After an intense month of April, it seems like I disappeared for a week. But I’m not gone. No, no!

I am participating in the writing of a short story with 12 amazing persons. I have the great privilege to be #3 on the short list and will post tomorrow CHapter 3 of our collective creation. Not sure I am at the level of my fellow writers but let say that I am having a blast just thinking of adding my color to the mix.

Original idea by  Joe Owens. Met him during the A to Z blog challenge.

So you might want to read the first chapters, to get into the groove and I’ll see you tomorrow with chapter 3.

Chapter 1 by Joe Owens

Chapter 2 by Josh Magill


I’ll make sure tomorrow to give you the link to all the contributors and keep you posted when there is a new chapter. You know you will want to read it, up until the end.

With great respect!

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