I just love this project! It’s amazing to see the story unfold.

You can read chapter 5 here. It’s written by Candice Setton and you definitely want to pay a long visit to her blog Raindrops on roses

All the writers in this project have different style, but we all have in common, as far as I can see, a tremendous respect for the character and their stories. For my part, this what’s make this project so interesting: how we built trust as the chapters are adding up.

I know, not for a fact but by intuition, that the story will be great and that wherever it goes, I would be amazed and happy to have been part of it.

I can’t wait for what’s next, now that Angie and Forrest are in the care of the Mossad (really??). Who can they really trust? What kind of key is that bent piece of metal? What does it open? All your questions, answered (or not) in Chapter 6… in 3 days.

With great respect!


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