Yes! Catching up on this too. At the beginning of the month 12 writers/bloggers started this incredible story writing each a chapter of it.  Unlike usual collaborative story the next in line has no clue of what is coming up. Just like a “cadavre exquis” one writes and the next one just have to follow through with what he is given. Up until now, each writer has done a great job, forwarding the story, deepening the plot and having this crazy story sound like a Nobel prize. (One can dream!! 😛 )

So now after chapter 5, Forrest and Angie are out of trouble you might think. Well, guess again!

Chapter 6 where we learn a bit more about the people who rescued them from the inferno they were in and get new information about Forrest’s dad, is written by Elizabeth Eyles. Visit her at her blog: elegsabiff

Chapter 7 brings a new twist and adds some color to Angie’s role, in all of this and sheds new light on who their saviors really are. Dive in to some hot action as Jennifer Pendergast writes a compelling chapter. Check out her blog: Elmo Writes

This is so much fun and don’t avoid this pleasure, it’s a great read! Next chapter will be up on June 5.

With great respect!


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