It’s been a while since I’ve done a post on what’s going on around and in me. Not that I didn’t want to share but I noticed that when I am in an overload of activities, I tend to shut down and just DO, DO, DO.

I noticed also that deeper inside there is tremendous fear. It happens when something stirs emotions deep down. And it’s not that I am aware or know what happened. It takes a few days or week to finally put words on what’s going on. Let’s say that this time it took me a while, because I just didn’t want to look.

A few ancient scars reopened and the acid of fear poured out of  them. Enough for me to avoid dealing with it right away. My way of being is of someone untouched by anything, but inside I just hide, fearing that anyone would pickup on something when I answer that “I’m fine thank you and you?”

I just don’t know how to express what is behind the fear and what I am afraid of. It seems to be an ancient feeling forgotten a long time ago.

I’ll do a collage… That I suppose I can share after and see what comes up.

With great respect!


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