It becomes redundant this post about “where I’ve been?”. What I’ve been doing that keeps me away from my blog…

Well honey’zzz, I’ve published a book. (YEAH!)

I told you before that my primary language is french, so of course, my first publication would be in french.
If you want to take a peak on Amazon : Lorsque le fond de la mer a tremblé

Page couverture finale

My daughter did the cover. She studies in Interior design and wants to become and architect. She has been doing graphic arts since she was 13 yrs. She is awesome when it’s time to recreate my thoughts in color and images.

So that’s what I’ve been doing. I have celebrated. Plenty.

I thought I would share!

With great respect and love!


9 thoughts on “Where I’ve been…

    1. Thank you!

      Briefly the story is about…

      Title: When the bottom of the sea shivered
      So in a few words: It’s a story set in Africa (like 20 years from now) in a small country with a generous and benevolent president. One morning “Coup d’état” and the whole country turns into chaos. Aside from the scorching heat that turns everyone numb during the day, teens, led by an old pedophile Colonel, are ruling the outskirts of the Capital, while the army occupies it. There is an international plot behind it all to put the brother of the president on the chair.
      The son of the president is tortured and left for dead on a country road where a young orphan girl cares for him. Most of the story is his journey to get the hell out of this mess without being killed, restore his father’s name and bring peace back in this beautiful country.
      Also, there is some supernatural occurring, like when people die, they appear in front of their chosen ruler and ask him to free their souls, but before they leave they ask him to do his due diligence for not protecting them as he promised too. So during the first night, the president imprisoned and tied up on his chair sees the hundreds and hundreds of dead angry citizens telling him what happened during the day in his country.

      So plenty of fun and part 2 will come in october. 🙂

      Have a great day!


    1. Yes I self-published it. On Amazon it’s pretty easy. Soon, I will explore the other places to self-publish ebooks.
      Not sure what kind of detail you need when you ask “How did you do ti?” but I am willing to answer any questions. Just send me an email 🙂


  1. The cover is excellent. As an architect, I’d say tell your daughter to keep pushing ahead and try not to get dissuaded. Our profession is a bit nuts at times, but clearly her artistry speaks for itself.


    1. Yes it’s a constant battle between the 2 sides of her brain. She is a scientist before anything else. The first year in Interior design where she had to draw nude models was hell for her. But when she started to create environments and spaces, she was just amazing. She dared to use colors even though teachers didn’t recommended it. Her skills in math helped her create movement and angles where it seems impossible. Right now she wants to switch to Physics for a semester and then go in architecture. Will see what she chooses 🙂 in the meantime we have a lot of fun playing together!!
      Thank you for visiting and I will absolutely tell her to push ahead.
      With great respect! A.


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