Like I announced in this post The bite marks of fear a week or so ago, I took some time to collage.

The most interesting thing about collaging, is that it uses another part of our brain. I grew up in a house where feelings and emotions where not expressed or acknowledge in words. In collaging I found that I could express many things and finally find words to express it.

So here is the collage. When I completed it, I was present to the fear that arose anytime I was looking at it. I was also afraid of what I might find in it. And then, a few words came and some more. Everything around relationships to men and women. What I think of them; what they think of me; how I behave; how I should behave; my view of myself, etc.


I still find it difficult sometimes to be with other people. And it evolves around the lingering impression that I lack courage to truly and freely express myself.

It’s an inquiry. Every time I look at it, I find new things.

With great respect!


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