A week or so ago, I visited a lady that I know. I am not saying she is a friend. But she is the kind of person that I like to hang out with once in a while.

I don’t really hang out with people.

That being said, the kind of conversations I have with her are profoundly transformative. You would not notice until you would be deeply in conversation with her. Like a child, she asks many questions. Her inquiry: she wants to hear something new. Something she never heard before. Something that will transform relationships between human beings or the way that we do things. She is eager for a new perspective.

Every time I see her, at one point I just sit there with no words and my mind at peace and present to this moment of pure creation. Every time I meet her, I get to this moment of awareness that I create each moment of my life. The experience, the feelings I express or nurture inside, what I say or do. Each second of my life is my own responsibility.

And then, out of the blue, she invites me to her astronomy club. I choose to go and I get to see Saturn in the telescope. I had a blast! I took a picture.


It is so far away and at the same time the sight of it brings it closer. Like this woman. I meet with her once in a while (1-2 times a year) and there are no question about us being very close.

With great respect!


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