I am profoundly moved today by the loss of a friend.

This amazing soul passed away last thursday. The last years of her life, she lived fully, passionately. She chose to follow her fiancé on the other side of the world in Singapore to live this amazing love story that inspired many of us around them.


This picture was taken at her farewell party, just before she left for Singapore. I will always remember the conversation we had at that moment. Both of us moved to tears by the light, love, goodness, passion we saw in each other. We were of the same age. I don’t relate much with women, but sometimes I let down my guards, open my hears and listen. She was the kind of being that you would want to be loved by.

She created her future and lived by her creation. With courage she left her life over here to move to a country where she knew no one with the intention to be of service, make a difference and find her place doing that. Because this is who she was. And where ever she was she made a difference.

For the past three days, tons and tons of words of sympathy flow on her Facebook page, on her fiancé’s page, in collective emails. Because she was like that. She lived surrounded by people, attracting around her many blessed souls. When she got diagnosed with cancer a few months ago, she sent an email to all her friends and family to keep us updated and she did until last week, when her sister took over to keep us posted on her condition.

She leaves a blazing trail of love behind her and all the love that she gave us, will be shared on and on forever. She was that kind of soul.

My friend, I keep you in my heart and I promise that I will never be stingy with my love, never keep a smile to myself. I love you.

With great respect and love!


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