Sometimes I just think that I should lock myself in a cabin in the woods and write. Give the papers to someone else to edit or throw away and then publish or bury deep and never know what people think.

But that would be inauthentic, because I love the shivers of giving my stories to read to people. By the time they’re done, I carefully prepared myself to whatever comment they may have – good, bas, excited, nice, polite “It’s not my kind of genre”, disgust and so on. And I smile. Oh boy, people, do I smile. I have mastered the “poker smile”.

So what the hell am I doing putting myself into that challenging, fun and crazy collaborative story? This time it’s not a 1000-1200 words. No no. This at least you can always sort out something that is not just plain mod podge, sticky and bland.

No this time it’s 100 words per chapter. 100 WORDS!!!

So looking at the roster of talented writer that will write before me, I feel the dreadful shiver of excitement (!!)

So my turn will only be in october. So I have time to watch the story unfold… ya well, it doesn’t spare me the doubts. And I think it’s healthy.

Sarah Bernhardt, was preparing herself before a play and a ‘jeune première’ (young actress) came in her room all excited. “Oh! Madame Bernhardt, you are my idol and it’s a great privilege to play with you. I’m not stage fright at all!”

“Do not worry my dear,” Sarah Bernhardt answered. “It will come with talent.”

I love this story. It was told to me when I study drama art in my younger years. It always reminds me that the nervousness comes with the desire to be good and do the best I can. No one likes to disappoint people. I don’t want you to come along, take some time to hang out on my blog, or read my books (soon to come) and then be disappointed. To some extent, if it’s not your “kind of genre” I don’t have any control over that, but you know, I can assure you that I will be rigorous and I will learn from my mistakes as I go along.

It would be fun to read my early stuff when I get older, and see how much I’ve grown in my craft. That means that I don’t give up because I’m afraid of what people will think.

So let’s jump in this new adventure with all my love for words and the stage fright and the joy of playing this new game.

To read the first 3 chapters click the picture. I will also keep a page up with all new chapters and names of contributors and where you can go to read some more  of they’re stuff.

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