We continue on our journey of Write a short story with me 100 words at a time

The 5th piece in The Legend of Tim Higgelmottham is now up (since monday I know, but I’m busy ‘being present‘ elsewhere :P) It was written by Rob Akers. You can find him at his blog here.

I don’t know what will happen until my turn, but my mind is getting busy worrying and my neurones are firing bunches of exciting ideas.

Want to know who are The Fantastic Fifteen Writers, hosted by The Magill Review and when they will rise up to the challenge of writing a 100 words chapter? Here they are:

July 29 — Richard Eaker, Contributing Writer to The Magill Review

August 5  — Josh Magill, Editor of  The Magill Review

August 12 — Joe Owens, The pen behind “Joe’s Musings” and TMR  Contributing Writer

August 19 — Erica Hines, The inspiration for “A Short A Day.”

August 26 — Rob Akers, Writer of his own blog here.

September 2 — Thaddeus Howze, a writer at Hub City Blues.

September 9 — Elvis Alves, author of the poetry collection, Bitter Melon. Check him out here.

September 16 — Justin Cascio, a former managing editor at GMP. His work can be found at his main blog here and here for cooking.

September 23 — M.L. Swift, the “master of the house” at M.L. Swift, Writer

September 30 — Abby Jones, spinner of urban fantasy at Worlds Before the Door.

October 7 — Alexander Ikawah, author of Creative Samples Kenya.

October 14 — Franklin Durden, a beginning writer looking to share more. His writing can be seen here.

October 21 — Ambrozya, a muse for many on her own blog.

October 28 — Angela Magill, Contributing Writer to The Magill Review.

November 4 — Karlene Petitt, author of the aviation thriller, “Flight for Control.” You can read about her here.


Have a fun read!

With great respect! A.

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