Yesterday was my time to rise and give Tim Higgelmottham the attention he deserved.

One hundred words of despair, ecstasy, fear, laughter and, of course, doubts. I had to choose the words carefully and also in very little words create something that would forward the action.

I didn’t do too bad… I think. Now that I read it on The Magill Review, I think that I could have done better.

At the same time, my view of how it should work is of two nature. First, you bring a twist to the story and second, you give something for the next writer. Since I am in the last three writers, one would expect for me to head towards the end, which I did. But I thought that the story needed to take care of all the elements.

During the week, I read again and again the story. The opening states that Lucy had some kind of a co-president, Tommy, and I decided that Tim needed to have a complete vengeance, so I brought back Tommy in the midst.

For Lucy, she just annoys me. So having her fleeing and screaming, with a teacher behind her – whom we could imagine shouting: “Come back young lady!” – was for me the perfect picture of a mean 3rd grader losing courage in front of a green thingy coming out of her locker and some strange noise inside of it.

In any of my writings, I notice that I focus a lot of ambiance. Not really describing a place, but creating a mood. I did that here too.

Did I succeed? For my first time ever doing a 100 words in collaboration? I think so.

I loved the experience! And I might start practicing the “100 words” format. I see some bloggers suggesting pictures or words to other writers. Some great challenges and great practices. I’ll look into this in the next few weeks.

Thank you very much to all the readers of The Legend of Tim Higgelmottham. I’ll keep you posted with the next two writers and how it all ends!

With great respect!


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