I teach. Did I tell you that yet?

I teach public speaking to future herbalist. I think they are pretty courageous to take on a field in which it’s not easy to be taken seriously. I don’t know in your corner of the world but here we still talk about “grandma remedies” when we think about using plants or vegetables or fruits to heal ourselves. it is more profound than that and they take on between 3 to 4 years of training to be masterful at what they do.

So I teach them how to have efficient communication in front of a group to have people be responsible with their health and in action if there is a need. Healing is a global process. And one needs to take personal actions to be fully healthy. We cannot just take a pill and wait…

Today was the exam. They had to do a 20 min talk on a subject related to health, natural foods, plants and herbs or something related.


After hours of pushing their buttons, bringing them on the edge of their fear of public speaking, they pulled it out beautifully.

Most of them had techniques. I don’t teach techniques. I clear the way for them to stop “surviving” when they are with people to be connected with themselves and the people they are in conversations with.

To bring their commitment to health in their speaking and compassion and empathy in their listening.

I had such a beautiful day, listening to them. We created together a celebration of what was accomplished during the semester. We had so much fun and what is supposed to be a stressful exam, became a moment of sharing between humans.

Mission accomplished!
With great respect!