I made it past the first dreadful wave. My dad is dead… life goes on.

And there are still people around me that I love profoundly and with whom I share great stuff.

The last great thing happening: two beautiful friends are getting married and they want me to “celebrate” the ceremony. I don’t know the word in english… but you get it I’m sure.

I will be the one saying: “X do you want to take Y to be your beloved husband, etc. etc.”

Isn’t it amazing?!!

But the wedding is only next year. Really, I have to wait all this time?

This is exciting!

With great respect!


4 thoughts on “Life goes on

  1. The death of a parent must be hard to handle. I’m glad you have loved ones there for you. The wedding sounds exciting. And in English it would be “officiate.” 🙂


    1. Yes that’s the word! Thank you!
      And Josh I am not forgetting you. I am still interested. Writing hasn’t showed up in a while, but it’s starting to come back. Well I say that and you’ll find me crying my heart out in my bed all week-end… there goes all the motivation for fun stuff :/

      Thank you for your kind words. With great respect! A.


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