It’s been a while since I posted an excerpt of any kind. But I am all about sharing right now. So for your pleasure only.

Mysterious ways is a working title. It may change or it may not.

Belinda left the corner of her window were she was hiding and motioned inside her room with a mischievous grin on her face. She had overheard the dispute between Harold and Charles and it suited her plan more than she would have imagined. She knew Charles would go directly to his friend to tell him what happened. She didn’t expect Harold to be so upset, but it spared her the time to find a way to make him angry. She discovered, a few weeks ago, how to weaken the powerful spell that protected Harold from any harm – it wouldn’t be simple but it was possible. After all these years, she would get revenge from the shame he had done to her.

“What are you smiling for, madam?” said Sarah, the young chambermaid. As she sat on the chair in front of the huge vanity, holding a sculptural mirror, Belinda gave a cold glance at the young girl.
“Mind your own business foolish child.”
“Yes madam, I’m sorry.” Sarah made a false movement and pulled Belinda’s hair with the brush. She avoided the hand that came to slap her.
“Beware or I’ll turn you into a pig!” Belinda was fuming out of her mind.

Swallowing a sob Sarah carefully started to brush the flamboyant head. When White, the maid in chief told her she would be assigned to Lady Belinda, Sarah was thrilled. But after her first day, she understood why the other girls didn’t want to be at her service. She was purely and simply a monster. Hitting, yelling, molesting and being aggressive with the servants.

On the other hand, Sarah was not of the weak kind. She grew up in a house with five brothers and she had seen and participated in her share of mind and physical fights. A milady was nothing next to that, whatever witchy violent trick she might pull out. Sarah was not a fool either. Cleaning up the apartments, she saw all the powders, herbs, tinctures and flasks spread around and some of them, she knew, were use solely for charms and potions.

“I know that the maids are talking behind my back. Don’t give me that fake innocent look, idiot.” Belinda snapped.
“By the end of the week, Charles Sorringon will be united with me and no one will come between us!” And she added for herself. “Not even our foolish Master.”

Sarah bit her lips. If she could support the Lady’s bad temper – what she thought she could – she might be able to gather enough information about Belinda’s impish plan. But she would have to be careful, because Belinda was a sneaky one and would sense a change of attitude and get suspicious. It was better to continue in pretending being a simple idiot maid and win the Lady’s trust.
“I am sorry madam,” Sarah said with tears in her voice. “I did not mean any disrespect….”

Belinda sighed. “Yes, yes, enough of this already. Now, create a new style for my hair, like I heard you could do. You know what it took to get you for my service? All the promises I had to give to Meeda, this old bitch!”

Sarah caught herself right before saying something she would have regretted. Lady Meeda was one of the most gracious and humble Lady of the castle – an old friend of the Lord’s family. Sarah loved being at her service.

“Yes madam! You will look fabulous. Even the goddesses will look pale next to your splendor.”

Belinda lifted an eyebrow and looked at Sarah through the mirror, searching for any deception in the maid’s heart. After deep scrutiny she seemed satisfied.

“I like you… but never disappoint me – the moon will never be far enough for you to escape my wrath! And… quit that madam name you give me. It is My Lady, in private and in public!”

Sarah, who was holding her breath for a second, nodded silently. “Make me stunning. I have to make a remarkable entrance tonight. My beauty must shine!”

In her pocket, she had an elixir that would multiply her natural charisma. She knew deep down that she didn’t need any magic or tricks to be beautiful, but she didn’t let the thought linger in her mind too long. They had to see her beauty, but mostly they had to see her power. She was born of the goddess and a goddess she would become. She still believed that at the end of the week, the goddess would come for her – as she had told her the night of her 14th birthday, when she made her way to the seashore. She begged the Goddess to take her as she was the worthiest of them all. But the Goddess refused.

Looking at the girl trembling under the storm the Goddess spoke.

“It is not your time yet, young fool. I can feel a glimpse of an immense power growing inside you that will be in full bloom someday. But it is not your time yet. Be gone. Keep your mouth shut about what you saw.”

She disappeared with the backwash of the ocean holding little Susan that had fainted a long time ago.

“Yes you will see. My time has come.”

Sarah, who was preparing the evening gown, heard her mistress. Intuitively she knew she wasn’t talking to her but she had to gain the lady’s trust. “My Lady, do you need anything?”
“No, I wasn’t talking to you. Bring me the dress. The time is almost there for me to make my appearance.”

Belinda stood up naked, in front of the mirror, admiring her own perfection, the smoothness of her white skin – thick and soft; her harmonious curves and she knew the effect it had on men. Tonight she would wear a stunning red dress, made of the finest velvet, which would show her skin in a very appealing way; openings on each side of the gown revealing firm hips. And of course, she would uplift her cleavage, creating a profound valley where men would wish to be lost.


With great respect!


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