A few weeks ago, I decided to do the A to Z blogging challenge. That seems to be a good way to refuel my creativity and get back to writing. I have drowned myself into work and tried to forget that it’s been hard and painful to write in the past few weeks.

Since, I might be in vacation for part of the month of April, I suppose I will have a lot of time to spare doing nothing… or writing. So I decided to challenge myself to a Camp NaNoWriMo party. I don’t know what I will write about yet. I named my “novel”: As we watch the stars. Somehow it creates some imagery and lights up my mood.

And to add to the craziness, I will do the A to Z challenge on my french blog also. You might think it will be a lot to manage. YES! I need to get out of the creeping boredom that clogs my mind. I am bored to death with what I’m writing; with my work; with the unending winter; with myself.

A few resources for participants

On Twitter, I have come across a few resources to help get through Camp. The SPRINTS are fun and it’s easy to find other people to play with.  Follow:

#CampNaNoWrimo Official hashtag when you tweet about the ups and down of your camping trip.

@TheSprintShack We’re a group of writers, Twitter fanatics, and avid word sprinters looking to provide a rest stop for all you sprinting fiends!

#wordsprint There you’ll find fun and friends almost 24/7.

@GetWordies Love writing and need motivation, here is a wonderful place for word counts up. Sprints often with The Write Chain Challenge. Use #GetWordies to follow.

@NaNoPals NaNoPals is an unofficially related account to @NaNoWriMo, helping writers connect for beta readers, ideas, help and publishing! Use #NaNoPals to meet & greet!

#amwriting For tips, connect with other writers, writing resources, etc.

Also, stack up on goodies to reward yourself through the month. And just remember that in any challenge the goal is to have fun. Anyway, why would you want to take on something boring? Those moments won’t come back for you to have fun with it…

With great respect!


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