The fun thing to do during the A to Z challenge is to visit other participants, comment, share ideas, learn and meet very interesting people. During the sunday break, I will share with you some of my blog discoveries of the week.

Espresso Coco: Because I love movies and out of the first week, he blogged about 3 of my all time favorite movies. And also the guy is very cute…

Janice Heck: Don’t want to get caught making grammar errors? RUN to this blog. Because english is my second language I get a free pass 😛 But you don’t have any excuses…! <– special mention

Abbye Kovacevic: Her theme for the challenge is Serial Killers. I am very interested in the psychology of killers and she gives a lot of interesting information. <– week’s favorite!

The Mascarade Crew: Many of you already know the Mascarade Crew. Very fun and inspiring theme for this month: nomination of inspiring authors. We don’t talk about their books, but about who they are. I love it!

Music and Words: Miss Andi is very sweet and for April’s blogging challenge, she took on to do a series of interviews with other participants about music.

Plucking Of My Heartstrings: It’s always interesting to read how other people view emotions or their experiences of them. Meet Cheryl Wright an author and poetess.

SD Neeve-Author of MG/YA Fiction: During the month we discover a bunch of amazing creatures and cute children characters. The drawings are from the author and I thought I had imagination for fun stuff for kids but this one is amazing!

Random Thoughts: Did you know that we had AtoZtech roaming the blogs? Me neither… She is mine! 🙂

That’s it for today! Don’t miss next week letters F, G, H, I, J, K.

With great respect!


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