Once in a while I come across a word that I want to use everywhere. Fierce is that kind of word.

adjective, fierc·er, fierc·est.
1. menacingly wild, savage, or hostile: fierce animals; a fierce look.
2. violent in force, intensity, etc.: fierce winds.
3. furiously eager or intense: fierce competition.
4. Informal. extremely bad or severe: a fierce cold.

Knowing that I am currently working on a dark fantasy, this is the kind of word I’m looking for. Even the sound of it make me happy. Go figure.

Of course, I looked for synonym, so I don’t put it everywhere and have annoyed reviewers saying that I lack vocabulary… (big hugs to reviewers!) Some of the synonyms are even more tastier :

1. untamed; cruel, fell, brutal; barbarous, bloodthirsty, murderous. Fierce, ferocious, truculent suggest vehemence and violence of temper, manner, or action: fierce in repelling a foe. Ferocious implies fierceness or cruelty, especially of a bloodthirsty kind, in disposition or action: a ferocious glare; ferocious brutality toward helpless refugees. Truculent suggests an intimidating or bullying fierceness of manner or conduct: His truculent attitude kept them terrified and submissive. 2, 3. furious, passionate, turbulent.

I love writing!
With great respect!

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