I suppose that my A to Z challenge is painted by my inner feelings. I wasn’t planning on talking about emotions. I think that most of them, I should live them in private. Most of the time I don’t have words to describe how I’m feeling… Right now, I need to put words where there are none. As a way to have the world around and inside me make sense.

So today it is Overwhelmed. I rarely use that word. When things are going fast or there is a lot going on, I rearrange the schedule and I talk to people to let them know what’s going on. I was not reliable on this one for the past months…

I feel overwhelmed by emotions, by people, by life and death.

So I stop.

And I let the feeling take over. Just for a moment. Just to give it space and let it dissolve.

No argument with reality. This is how I feel.

As I acknowledge it, I feel less pressure. My heart and mind get to rest.

And I can breathe again…

With great respect!


2 thoughts on “O is for Overwhelmed

  1. Seems as though your recent experiences (though they were difficult losses) have taught you something about emotions and about yourself. It is in these times that we find out who we truly are, how much hardship we can really handle, what we truly want out of life, and who we can ultimately become. I’ve come to treasure those moments even when I know the pain associated with them, like a diamond slowly being perfected by intense pressure and the rough edges of its surroundings. Seems you are coming to terms with those uncomfortable times, too.


  2. Thank you Josh for your kind words. I am definitely learning to be with the emotion and surrounded by people at the same time. I always thought that people would find it too heavy and wouldn’t want to be around me. I know the circumstances are exceptionals, I wouldn’t be weeping like that everyday of my life…

    There is a new found freedom being around people…

    With great respect! A.


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