I was very young when I heard this the first time:

The one who never start wins the war

Of course, we all have justification when someone threatens us to fight back. But I always thought that we could be more clever than just throwing a punch back.

I have cultivated anger and fear in my heart after repeated violence from the same person and at some point I chose love. I chose to love in the middle of all the anger and the desire to hurt. I stopped the war that was going on against myself. I chose to love myself and love the other person. How did that happen? There wouldn’t be that much anger if I didn’t care about the relationship. It took courage to stand-up and commitment to pierce through the heart of the other person. It is so easy to give up and let anger take over. Peace takes something that we all have deep inside.

Some of you may have read post I wrote about compassion or being responsible of one’s own actions, words and being with others. It is not something I read and found interesting. It is the way I chose to live my life.

And I had people wanting to argue that in a situation where, for example, my children would be hurt in purpose by someone, all my great principles would go to hell… I don’t know. I have faith that practicing each day to be compassionate with myself and others would spare me the act of retaliating.

It is costly to our soul and mostly costly to our peace of mind. I value too much the quality of my life to let it go to waste.

I don’t know if peace can be achieved on a world scale… maybe if we stop being so righteous about us being hurt or threatened. Hatred feeds on fear…

I wish you all peace during the Holy week.

With great respect and love!


2 thoughts on “P is for Peace

  1. Good morning… a lovely post. Thank you. It is so much easier, isn’t it, to just be angry and say, “Oh, well! It is their fault, they shouldn’t have angered me!” Hope you have a lovely Saturday! Best wishes to you. Would love to have a visit from you. Regards, Ruby aka “Blabbin’ Grammy”


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