What is a Whangam? I should do some kind of a giveaway for the first person who gets the answer. But no luck, I only have love to give, no goodies, so, I’ll tell you right away. (And the picture… It’s the Chester cat’s smile. 🙂 )

Whangam is an imaginary creature or animal. It’s like a generic term for it. So you won’t find a whangam at every corner store. You have to invent it.

Like many other writers, when I think of imaginary animals or creature in my stories I go for the obvious: dragons, phoenix, sirens and other creepers, crawlers that we already saw plenty of times in so many books.

During the A to Z, I discovered this very creative author who created/invented a tons (at least 26) of weird, lovely and unheard of creatures. SD Neeve an author of MG/YA  fiction. Go check her out. Very fun AtoZer. I smiled more than once browsing on her blog.

I remember as a kid, I was attracted to stuffed animals that didn’t looked like real animals. I would go for the purple or blue cat with wings. For my kids I got a muppet unicorn who read bedtime stories. One of my girls (she’s now 22) still swears that unicorns exist…

I love that we can have imaginary friends or imaginary creature to help keep us sane (!!!) A little magic is always good for the soul.

With great respect!


It’s the last few days of the A to Z challenge.
I really wish for you to come back after. I am open to collaboration, conversation, sharing.

5 thoughts on “W is for Whangam

  1. I had imaginary friend when I was a child, and people thought I was insane because of him :))

    Well, in fact I think he is still here at the back of my head and sometimes I could hear him calls my name to play with me…


    1. People or Adult?

      When I had children I discovered that it was very common among kids to have imaginary friends. I guess it’s part of natural development…

      When we grow up, we just don’t like the “talking out loud to someone that’s not visible” part.

      Do you go play?


      1. Mostly adult, but strangely some of my peers thought I was insane too. Guess they were those who were pressed to grow up before their time by their environment.

        Yeah, I keep it silent in my heart now 😀

        and yes, I still go play even today, altough much less frequently. ^_^


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