I am back from vacation. After the past few months where I tried to live life “as usual”, I hit a pretty hard wall.

It was not possible to go further without dealing with the undercurrent sadness.

I went far away in beautiful Greece and cried.

I still cry, but over there I was able to touch feelings of being alone, abandoned and also the anger. I still don’t want my mother to leave me… it’s like being 8 years old again and seeing her leaving home in an ambulance… her mind completely out of control.

I could have done it here… but being away put me in a space of vulnerability and also I could easily avoid phone calls, emails and daily stuff.

So I’m back. I would say, I’m different. With different needs to share and stay closer to my heart. Listen and create each minute of my life. I keep so much stuff inside, I wonder how come I’m not sick…

I’m back and happy to be with you all again.

With great respect and love!


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