As the New Year arrived, I couldn’t stand staying home. I needed to leave. Go somewhere. Anywhere.

So I went to Los Angeles. Completely on the opposite side. It felt good to be alone. It felt sad to be alone. I felt like calling my parents. I looked for a souvenir I could bring them. And then I let go. I let them go, with love, forever. I stopped holding on to the sadness. I thought if I let go of the sadness, they would disappear.

But only love remains.

I want to thank the Blog Blitz community for an amazing Blitz on my blog a few days ago. I wish you could have commented on a more recent post, but the Nanowrimo post couldn’t be a better one. I’ve put all my fears, doubts, sadness, anger, darkness, light and love into it.

Thank you Thank you Thank you for all your compassionate and encouraging words, and wisdom.

With great respect and love!


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