The last few weeks felt like surviving until April. I made it… to April, the month of all redemption.

Finally in April, the snow will melt and be an “unforgiving” souvenir. Winter is finally over (Whatever John Snow says!).

April is the moment I dare take a pen and write. Whatever I thought in the past few weeks about wanting to fulfill my dreams, write everyday went down the drain pretty fast. I am so tired I cannot even believe it myself. Remember I quit my job in december, just before the holidays. I had a few weeks to rest and then I thought I was ok. I am (was) (still) tired for 2 reasons :

1 – My children are finally grown ups. I am a proud mama, no worries. But now, I don’t have all the burden of all their responsibilities. They are independent and can take care of themselves. I gave it all… I was 16 yrs old when I had my son and not long after followed my 2 daughters. I give myself a pat on the back. They are vibrant and luminous young adults, but I am so tired. You know, so tired that I can stop laughing.

2 – The last year was so emotionally overwhelming that I don’t yet understand how I lived through that much crying…

So April is the month of all month to rekindle the passion, the willingness and the craziness of the writer within. Whatever happened before is forgiven. Re-commit and be in action.

Camp NaNoWriMo, NaPoWriMo, A to Z blogging challenge  here I come. (Yes really!)

Stay tune for poetry and rambling the alphabet all over the month.

Happy Passover or Easter or any light celebration you have this month. Rejoice for the gift of life and light!

With great respect and love!


PS: Oh! Yes, it’s me in the photo at my birthday party!

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