A to Z blog challenge : day 3
Theme : On the spiritual path
Word of the day : Colors

I remember when I started to meditate many years ago, some old timers where talking about “seeing colors” during meditation. I wondered what they meant for a long time.

As your practice deepen and your consciousness opens and you become aware of the subtle energy permeating and sustaining all things, you may start to “see” or “hear” things. Everybody was talking about it like some kind of goal you attain when you are so “elevated”.

There are no levels on the spiritual path. Your awareness may be more acute, you may feel more peace, equanimity and balance. You may feel that you can go deep in your different practices, but the first pitfall is to think that you are more “advanced” the moment you make any kind progress. The moment you have a new insight.

You start where you are and it has nothing to do with anyone else. Walking the path is a very intimate and personal experience. Your experience is unique. You are not above or lower than anyone. When you meet a true teacher usually you are struck by their humility and compassion, and how they welcome you with such grace and ease. Just think about the Dalai Lama.

Seeing colors could be very fun. Some people want to have visions and hear messages from their inner guide. The other pitfall is to get stuck on how the messages comes. When the colors will stop and you wonder where they’ve gone, you may miss the person next to you sharing the insight you need to hear to grow and expand in your life.

In some scriptures you can find descriptions of milestones on the spiritual path. These are very subtle experiences, like seeing colors and having visions. It can happen at some point. The scriptures also say to not stay stuck there because it is not the goal… it could be a way for the ego to dwell in its own importance for a while. We don’t want that…

If you start to have visions and deep insights during your practice, always remember to thank the inner teacher for the teachings and the way they come to you. And with courage and discipline pursue your practice, it’s the most direct path to your inner self.

With great respect!



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