A to Z blog challenge : day 2
Theme : On the spiritual path
Word of the day : Being

Sometimes I hear people say how being a spiritual person looks like. Or worst, how you SHOULD be a certain way to show that you are spiritual. Nonsense.

I would prefer a down to earth and blunt person rather than a person with eyes in the sky, speaking about how they got touched by grace but ignoring the people around them.

On the spiritual path you don’t have to be a certain way. All you need is a profound yearning to meet your pure Self. The rest will aligned and naturally you will be more joyful, caring, drawn to help other and respecting yourself when you need to be alone. At the same time, any kind of spiritual path is not easy. (I’ll write about the inner enemies and the kind of cleaning you can expect with spiritual practices, sometime during the month.)

I remember when I wished to move in a far away country to study under a master because I thought I would become more spiritual and finally “get it”.  I was angry with people not being understanding of my need to learn the real (the really real) truth. I was so full of it! Wanting to show off how I was so “advanced”.

After 23 years, it’s never easy to sit down and meditate. Some days, I can’t wait to sit down and medidation tastes so good. Other days, I keep opening my eyes every minute to look at the time to see if I’m done yet. And other morning I forget… Doesn’t really look like those beautiful beaming “meditators” I see in yoga magazines, who seem to meditate for hours effortlessly.

Being does not require any efforts or actions. Not even words.

Being spiritual looks like the way you want it to be. It is a choice you make and your actions will be correlated with how you are being. Your natural expression of being spiritual will shine forth without having to force it. There is no pretense in “being”. You just are. You just are with what ever happens in your life. Being spiritual only gives you another perspective to look at any challenge you face.

Being spiritual can look like being compassionate or calm, or enthusiastic, or lighthearted or profound or quiet or energetic or busy. The possibilities are infinite. Only you knows.

The questions are: What expression of my spirituality do I want to be today? What actions will get me closer to my true self? What kind of being acts this way?

You will never have to brag about it to convince people that you are a spiritual being. People will naturally feel good around you and will seek your company.

It takes time and an unswerving faith in yourself, alongside a lot of curiosity for what’s next on your path. The beauty of it is that you can choose everyday to walk on the path with your mind set on how you look or your heart set on shinning your beautiful inner light.

With great respect!


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