A to Z blog challenge : day 4
Theme : On the spiritual path
Word of the day : Devotion

This aspect on the spiritual path is a sensitive one. Let’s say that I’m not talking about blind faith.

Devotion is attachment to a form or idea on which you set the intention of your prayer.  A deity/saint or teacher/master. Pure devotion will lead you to absorb the qualities of the form you are worshipping.

I always thought important to choose a deity/saint with qualities that moved me or a representation of some energy that I wanted more in my life. For example, I always have an elephant statue somewhere in the house. The god elephant (called Ganesh, in Hinduism) being the remover of obstacles. Its presence in my home is a reminder for me to call this energy every time I start a new project or I face a challenge in my life.

Keeping my daily practice of meditation with devotion keeps a sacred space alive. I find that devotion creates a natural feeling of gratitude for everything in my life.

Most people in life have a natural ability for devotion. Being devoted to one’s family, one’s duty doesn’t required any effort, because love is present. Devotion and love are the two wings of the presence of sacredness in our actions.

Devotion is the core of  the spiritual journey.

With great respect!


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