A to Z blog challenge : day 6
Theme : On the spiritual path
Word of the day : fear

Fear is considered, in some indian scriptures, as an inner enemy. Along with anger, pride, jealousy, infatuation and worry.

These inner enemies takes a lot of our free time during the day and sometimes at night.

Fear is one of the most common human experience. The downside of it, is that most of the times we are afraid of an imaginary threat. Really!

Tell me when was the last time someone ran behind you with a knife? Normal fear will occur when there is an immediate threat or danger. The other one is the fear of falling.

The other kinds of fears are construction of the mind based on past experiences. It permeates our relationships and robs us of our precious peace of mind.  One of the great ways to strike fear at its core is to test of facts. What is going on? Not my opinion about it; not my anger about the person. What are the facts?

I am afraid of feeling negative emotions. Any person who might trigger any feeling of rejections, will most likely be dismissed by me or I will try very hard to be so nice and not complicated. The person as never rejected me, not even a shadow of criticism. But when I meet someone I like, I fear that it might happen. The person doesn’t even know all that is going on in my mind and all the fears I entertain about him/her.

Practices of meditation, contemplation and prayers really helps to stay centered and bring peace to the mind.

Of course, our fears seem real and feel very real, and I am not taking this lightly. I suffered from agoraphobia in my early twenties. The whole world (seemed) was dangerous!

Again, the path to peace of mind and equanimity requires a lot of dedication. A lot of things may arise when we start to clear the path. Look at them with courage and faith. No imaginary fear can survive your inner sunshine.

With great respect!


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