Follow-up on the weight loss-back in shape “Amazing project“.

Here are some photos after 9 weeks of a 16 weeks challenge :
20150923_134547    20150923_134540





Remember the before photos here

Still 10 days to go! I lost a bunch of inches; built some lean muscles (legs of steel!) and lost some weight (at least 2 dress size). I’ll come back at the end with the final results.

I know that I will keep going with another 16 weeks challenge. If your up to the challenge, I’m looking for people for a 60 days challenge, which include a support system, a coaching program and a healthy nutritional cleansing system. The one I use and that is giving me great results : new self-confidence, new level of energy (and I was so low…), increased performance at the gym and training a new mindset to accomplish my goals. And much more. Serious inquiries : We start November 1st.

With great respect and love!


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