The second day at The Stanley Hotel was pretty full and exciting. Of course there is always that thought lurking in the back of your mind that you should be on the look out for any signs of some kind of  ecto plasm or orbs of light.

I was one of the lucky few to hold the key of room 217 (the one where Stephen King slept and had a nightmare that led to him writing The Shinning). You can see me wandering the halls on Periscope just before I entered the room. You can watch the replay on

room 217

In the room actually, not much happen except for the door lock who clapped once in a while…

I took a few pictures and scrutinized them thoroughly to see if there was not any strange shadow or light suggesting a face or something. Didn’t happen.

I headed then to the murder mystery diner who was kind of fun. I sat next to a very nice young men, who ended up dead… That’s the closest I got to a ghost all day.

The day resumed with a reading in the death tunnel underneath the hotel. Good thing I’m not scared of the dark… You can see on the hightlight photo of the post Josh Malerman (The bird box) reading. Not quite sure he was aware of the ghost next to him…

But the highlight of the day wasn’t any ghostbusters running wild in the hotel… We had coffee in this cute coffee shop in town, right next to a rock shop. I love rocks! No I worship rocks! I spent a half hour touching, feeling huge rose quartz, sodalite and obsidian. Just like this one :


I am the kind that walks by the water or in a forest keeping her head down just in case I find THE rock. You know the one that as the funny or inspiring shape. I was like a kid in a candy store.

So no ghost finding for day 2, but I chased my muse all over the place, inspired by the iced rocky mountains I see in the distance.

With great respect!

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